Set Mezuzot from Set Gifts Chain Stores

Set Mezuzot from Set Gifts Chain Stores

All of our mazuzah boxes are produced in Israel, are hand-crafted, customized and meticulously designed. We at Set Mezuzot believe that the mezuzah is an integral part of your home design and needs to blend in harmoniously and consistently with the doorframe and the entrance to the home space or bedrooms. The large collection of mezuzahs that we offer enables you to achieve this without compromising either the design or your wishes.

The artists that we at Set Gifts represent, prepare the hand-crafted mezuzahs with a careful attention to the quality of the work, to the combination of raw materials and to the final result. They use the best raw materials for the production of the mezuzahs – aluminum, stainless steel, perspex, stone, pewter, etc.

The vast variety of mezuzahs and combination choices between design styles and materials allow you to find in one place the mezuzahs that you like best and most suit you particularly.

We strived to photograph the mezuzahs in the best manner and genuine way possible so the pictures will portray the right impression of the product – enjoy!


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